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  Serious maritime accident at Front Beach (Vung Tau): A 4000DWT Container ship submerged

A serious marine accident happened at dawn of 10 April on Front Beach (Vung Tau City), causing Truong Hai Star - a 4000DWT container ship was totally submerged. Though it did not cause damages to people, the consequences of this maritime accident is great...

Scene of the accident was blocked by the authorities, carefully protected for works of investigation. The Vietnam Maritime Safety - Southeast was urgently installing signaling buoys at the Truong Hai Star ship sank to warn other ships not go into dangerous areas.

According to preliminary information, at the dawn of April 10, while on the journey from the buoy No. 0 (Vung Tau City) in Ho Chi Minh City to the buoy No. 5 - Vung Tau - Saigon, the Truong Hai Star containership (Vietnam nationality, 4000 tons, was carrying 66 containers of all kinds), then a collision happened with the Krairatch Dignity cargo ship (Thai nationality, tonnage 42,000 tons). Truong Hai Star was heavily damaged and sea water began to flow into the ship. While trying to run to Front Beach, Truong Hai Star was suddenly upturned and totally sunk at the anchor position D5 (far about 1km from the Front Beach) at 02:40am Arpil 10. Since Truong Hai Star sank completely under the sea, 66 containers on the ships were drifted across the Front beach and Can Gio beach (Ho Chi Minh City).

Talking to Ba Ria - Vung Tau newspaper's reporters, Mr. Le Van Chien - Director of Vung Tau Port Authority - said after the accident, besides rescue of victims, Vung Tau Port Authority also deployed forces and means to the scene to search for, collect the containers lost at sea, at the same time mobilized divers to inventory the remaining containers, thereby determining the exact number of containers drifted. To the afternoon of April 4, the functional forces salvaged and dragged to shore nearly 30 containers of Truong Hai Star.

After all 16 crews of Truong Hai star were rescued, one of the biggest concern of the authorities is the handling of oil spills from ships in distress; On the morning of April 10, Vung Tau Port Authority had divers down to Truong Hai Starí hatch to lock all the valves and deployed against the entire area of oil spill accident. According to the authorities, on the evening of April 10, the ecological environment in the area that Truong Hai Star sunk was guaranteed, without the state of oil spills.

"The authorities are urgently verifying, investigating the reasons of the accident", said Mr. Le Van Chien, Director of Vung Tau Port Authority.

Date: 04/17/2012
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  • Serious maritime accident at Front Beach (Vung Tau): A 4000DWT Container ship submerged
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