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Customs sector urged to further cut procedure time
The customs sector should build on the positive outcomes in the past two years and further reduce procedure processing time, an official told a workshop in Hanoi on August 11, adding that a one-day reduction in customs clearance time in cross-border trade could save the economy more than 1 billion USD per year.

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Goods backed up at Hai Phong port as new regulation takes effect
Cargo traffic at the Hai Phong port complex, the biggest port in the north, has been seriously congested since the day a regulation on verifying vehicles’ loading capacity took effect on April 1.

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Geodis Wilson Opens Logistics Center in Vietnam
8,500-square-foot facility is located in the Cat Lai area of Ho Chi Minh City Geodis Wilson has opened a new logistics center in southern Vietnam to meet rising demand.

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New rule restricts foreign sea carriers on local lines
The Ministry of Transport has just issued a new circular on license issuance for foreign shipping companies running on local routes in a bid to keep them from illegally dominating the market at home.

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Gov't requests quicker cargo handling at seaport
The Government on September 29 issued an Official Dispatch requesting quicker cargo handling in seaports nationwide.

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Maritime strategy calls for concerted effort: officials
A high level meeting on sea and island strategy to 2020 was held in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh on Saturday.

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100,000 tonnes of stockfeed to be sent back to India
Importers of animal feed face big losses if nearly 100,000 tonnes of maize and soybean imported from India early in January have to be sent back because of traces of termites.

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Vietnam to raise profile as maritime nation
With 3,260 km of coastline, over 3,000 islands and territorial waters three times the size of its land mass, Vietnam has a lot of potential to develop its maritime economy. However, it is essential to create and promote a national maritime trademark as soon as possible.

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Vietnam's maritime economy gets top billing
Vietnam aims to develop its maritime economy so that the sector contributes more than half to the nation's GDP ten years from now, a senior official of the Vietnam Maritime Administration (VMA) said.

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Vietnam aims to become strong maritime nation
Vietnam must strive to become a strong and rich nation and benefit from the resources held within its territorial waters. In the near future, the marine economy is expected to account for 53-55 percent of the country’s GDP and 55-56 percent of its total export turnover. This target was set out in a resolution on the nations maritime strategy until 2020 adopted at the 4 th Meeting of the 10 th Party Central Committee in 2006.

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