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Location Code (UN LOCODE) for sea Ports/Terminals in Vietnam

(VN)  VIET NAM    

Ch LOCODE Name NameWoDiacritics SubDiv Function Status Date Coordinates
  VN  AGG  An Giang  An Giang  44  --3-----  RQ  0901   
VN  O12  B12 Oil Terminal  B12 Oil Terminal  13  1-------  XX  1101  2057N 10303E 
VN  OTW  B12 Oil Terminal  B12 Oil Terminal  13  1-------  RQ  1101  2057N 10303E 
VN  BNO  Ba Ngoi  Ba Ngoi  34  1-3-----  RQ  1101  1154N 10909E 
  VN  BGG  Bac Giang  Bac Giang  54  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  BLU  Bac Lieu  Bac Lieu  55  --3-----  RL  0901  0917N 10543E 
  VN  BNH  Bac Ninh  Bac Ninh  56  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  BHO  Bach Ho  Bach Ho  40  1-------  RQ  0901  0950N 10800E 
  VN  BMV  Banmethuot  Banmethuot    ---4----  RQ  0901  1240N 10806E 
  VN  BAO  Bao Loc  Bao Loc  35  1-------  RQ  0901   
  VN  BCD  Ben Dam Con Dao Terminals  Ben Dam Con Dao Terminals  43  1-------  RQ  0901  0839N 10633E 
  VN  BNE  Bèn Nghè  Ben Nghe    --3-----  RL  0401  1916N 10536E 
  VN  BNG  Bèn Nghè  Ben Nghe  65  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1045N 10644E 
  VN  BEN  Benthuy  Benthuy    1-------  QQ  9501   
  VN  BHA  Biên Hòa  Bien Hoa    --3-----  RL  0201  1058N 10650E 
  VN  BDH  Binh Dinh  Binh Dinh  31  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  BDU  Binh Duong  Binh Duong  27  1-3-----  RL  0701   
  VN  BDG  Binh Duong Terminal  Binh Duong Terminal  39  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1054N 10650E 
  VN  BIH  Bình Hòa  Binh Hoa    --3-----  RL  0201  1056N 10643E 
  VN  BMH  Binh Minh  Binh Minh    1-3-----  RQ  1007  1020N 10549E 
  VN  BTN  Binh Thuan  Binh Thuan  40  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  BSE  Bông Sen  Bong Sen    1-3-----  RQ  0401  1041N 10646E 
  VN  HNH  Bong Son  Bong Son    1-------  RL  0212  1426N 10901E 
  VN  THQ  Buon Ma Thuot  Buon Ma Thuot  33  -----6--  RQ  1001  1240N 10803E 
  VN  CAH  Ca Mau  Ca Mau    ---4----  RQ  0901  0910N 10509E 
  VN  CCU  Cai Cui Pt  Cai Cui Pt  48  1-3-----  RQ  0901  0959N 10630E 
¦  VN  CLN  Cai Lan  Cai Lan  13  1-3-----  RL  1101  2125N 10703E 
VN  CMT  Cai Mep International Terminal  Cai Mep International Terminal  43  1-3-----  XX  1101  1031N 10701E 
  VN  BAN  Cam Lâm  Cam Lam  34  123-----  RL  0401  1154N 10909E 
  VN  CPH  Cam Pha  Cam Pha    1-------  QQ  9501   
  VN  CRB  Camranh  Camranh    1-------  QQ  9501   
¦  VN  VCA  Can Tho  Can Tho  48  1-34----  AI  1101  1002N 10547E 
  VN  CBG  Cao Bang  Cao Bang  04  --3-----  RQ  0901   
VN  CSJ  Cape Saint Jacques  Cape Saint Jacques    ---4----  RQ  1101  1021N 10704E 
  VN  CLI  Cát Lái  Cat Lai  65  1-3-----  RL  0407  1046N 10647E 
  VN  OCL  Cat Lai Oil Pt  Cat Lai Oil Pt  65  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1044N 10646E 
  VN  CMY  Chan May Pt  Chan May Pt  26  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1620N 10800E 
VN  CLH  Chi Linh  Chi Linh  61  --3-----  RL  1101  2140N 10619E 
  VN  CVE  Chua Ve Terminal  Chua Ve Terminal  62  1-3-----  RQ  0901  2052N 10642E 
  VN  CCA  Cua Cam Terminal  Cua Cam Terminal  62  1-3-----  RQ  0901  2052N 10641E 
  VN  CUV  Cua Viet Port  Cua Viet Port  25  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1654N 10710E 
  VN  CLO  Culao  Culao    1-3-----  RL  0401  1848N 10542E 
  VN  DAD  Da Nang  Da Nang    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  DLI  Dalat  Dalat    ---4----  RQ  0901  1156N 10825E 
  VN  DMO  Dam Mon  Dam Mon  34  1-------  RQ  0901  1240N 10924E 
  VN  DVU  Dinh Vu Terminal  Dinh Vu Terminal  62  1-3-----  RQ  0901  2054N 10646E 
  VN  DXA  Doan Xa Terminal  Doan Xa Terminal  62  1-3-----  RQ  0901  2052N 10641E 
  VN  DOH  Dong Hoi  Dong Hoi    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  DNA  Dong Nai  Dong Nai    1-3-----  RL  0401  1805N 10619E 
  VN  DTH  Dong Thap  Dong Thap    1-3-----  RQ  0401  1029N 10534E 
  VN  DQT  Dung Quat  Dung Quat  29  1-34-6--  RL  0701  1524N 10842E 
  VN  GLI  Gia Lai  Gia Lai  30  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  GIL  Gia Lam  Gia Lam    --3--6--  RL  0901  2104N 10589E 
  VN  GDA  Go Dau A Terminal  Go Dau A Terminal  39  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1039N 10701E 
  VN  GDB  Go Dau B Terminal  Go Dau B Terminal  39  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1037N 10701E 
  VN  HLG  Ha Long  Ha Long  13  --3-----  RQ  0901  2057N 10704E 
  VN  HTY  Ha Tay  Ha Tay  15  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  HAT  Ha Tinh  Ha Tinh    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  HDG  Hai Duong  Hai Duong  61  1-3-----  RQ  0901   
VN  HAP  Hai Phong  Hai Phong  62  1-3-----  RL  1101  2052N 10640E 
  VN  HSN  Hai Son  Hai Son  60  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1606N 10814E 
  VN  HPH  Haiphong  Haiphong    1-------  AI  9501   
  VN  HAN  Hanoi  Hanoi    1--45---  AI  9501   
  VN  HGG  Hau Giang  Hau Giang  73  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  SPC  Hiep Phuoc Port  Hiep Phuoc Port  65  1-3-----  RQ  1001  1038N 10645E 
  VN  SGN  Ho Chi Minh City  Ho Chi Minh City  65  1-3456--  AI  0401  1046N 10640E 
  VN  VIC  Ho Chi Minh, VICT  Ho Chi Minh, VICT    1-------  RQ  0212   
  VN  HAA  Hoai An  Hoai An    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  HIA  Hoi An  Hoi An    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  HCH  Hon Chong  Hon Chong    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  HON  Hongai  Hongai    1-------  QQ  9501   
  VN  HUI  Hue  Hue    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  HYN  Hung Yen  Hung Yen  66  1-3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  STR  Icd Sotrans  Icd Sotrans  65  1-3--6--  RQ  1001  1049N 10645E 
VN  ITF  Interflour Cai Mep  Interflour Cai Mep    1-3-----  XX  1101  1032N 10701E 
  VN  KHA  Khanh Hoa  Khanh Hoa  34  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  KHI  Khánh Hôi  Khanh Hoi  65  --3-----  RL  0401  1045N 10642E 
  VN  KHU  Khonh Hung  Khonh Hung    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  KON  Kon Tum  Kon Tum  28  ---4----  RQ  0901   
  VN  KYQ  Ky Ha Quang Nam Terminal  Ky Ha Quang Nam Terminal  27  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1528N 10841E 
  VN  KYH  Ky Ha Terminal  Ky Ha Terminal  27  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1529N 10841E 
  VN  LDG  Lam Dong  Lam Dong  35  --3-----  RQ  0901   
VN  LAM  Lam Thao  Lam Thao  23  --3-----  RL  1101  1823N 10534E 
VN  LGS  Lang Son  Lang Son  14  --3-----  RL  1101  2029N 10514E 
VN  LCA  Lao Cai  Lao Cai  02  --3-----  RL  1101  2229N 10357E 
  VN  LAN  Long An-Ben Luc  Long An-Ben Luc  41  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  LBN  Long Binh  Long Binh    1-3-----  RQ  1001  1115N 10690E 
  VN  LBT  Long Binh Tan  Long Binh Tan  39  1-3-----  RL  0401  1056N 10650E 
  VN  LTH  Long Thanh  Long Thanh    1-------  RQ  1001  1047N 10657E 
  VN  XLO  Long Xuyen  Long Xuyen    ---4----  RQ  0901  1019N 10528E 
  VN  MOC  Mong Cai  Mong Cai    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  MUT  My Tho  My Tho    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  MTH  My Thoi  My Thoi  53  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1021N 10621E 
  VN  NMD  Nam Dinh  Nam Dinh    1-------  RQ  9501   
VN  NWP  New Pt  New Pt  65  -----6--  XX  1101   
  VN  NAN  Nghe An  Nghe An  22  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  NGT  Nghe Tinh  Nghe Tinh    1-3-----  RL  0401  2024N 10609E 
  VN  NGH  Nghi Son  Nghi Son    1-3-----  RL  0212  1920N 10550E 
  VN  NVT  Nguyen Van Troi Port  Nguyen Van Troi Port  60  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1603N 10813E 
  VN  ONB  Nha Be Oil Pt  Nha Be Oil Pt  65  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1042N 10644E 
  VN  NHA  Nha Trang  Nha Trang    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  NBH  Ninh Binh  Ninh Binh  18  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  NTN  Ninh Thuan  Ninh Thuan    --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  PHA  Phan Rang  Phan Rang    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  PHH  Phan Thiet  Phan Thiet    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  PHB  Phú Bai  Phu Bai  26  1-3-----  RQ  1001  1622N 10744E 
  VN  PHU  Phu My  Phu My    1-------  RL  9901   
  VN  PQC  Phu Quoc  Phu Quoc    ---4----  RQ  0901  1013N 10358E 
  VN  PYN  Phu Yen  Phu Yen  32  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  HBN  Phu-bon  Phu-bon    ---4----  RQ  0901  1200N 10600E 
  VN  PHG  Phuóc Long  Phuoc Long    1-3-----  RL  0407  1043N 10657E 
  VN  IPH  Phuoc Long ICD  Phuoc Long ICD    1-3-----  RL  0501  1042N 10657E 
  VN  PHL  Phuoe Le  Phuoe Le    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  KUG  Pleiku  Pleiku  30  -----6--  RQ  1001  1359N 10800E 
  VN  PXU  Pleiku  Pleiku  28  --34----  RQ  0901  1400N 10801E 
  VN  PNG  Po Hang  Po Hang  26  -----6--  RQ  0901   
  VN  HHO  Quanduc  Quanduc    ---4----  RQ  0901   
  VN  QBH  Quäng Bình  Quang Binh  24  1-3-----  RL  0401  1730N 10620E 
  VN  QUL  Quang Long  Quang Long    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  QNM  Quang Nam  Quang Nam  27  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  XNG  Quang Ngai  Quang Ngai    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  QNH  Quang Ninh  Quang Ninh  13  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1724N 10638E 
  VN  QUT  Quang Tri  Quang Tri    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  QUG  Quê Duong  Que Duong  56  --3-----  RL  0701  2109N 10610E 
  VN  UIH  Qui Nhon  Qui Nhon    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  VKG  Rach Gia  Rach Gia    ---4----  RQ  0901   
  VN  RDG  Rang Dong  Rang Dong    1-------  RQ  0401  1000N 10820E 
  VN  RQU  Rao Qua  Rao Qua    1-3-----  RL  0401  1827N 10519E 
  VN  RBE  Red Beach  Red Beach    0-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  RUB  Ruby  Ruby    ------7-  RQ  0907  1023N 10830E 
  VN  SAD  Sa Déc  Sa Dec  45  1-3-----  RL  0401  1018N 10546E 
  VN  CSG  Sai Gon Pt  Sai Gon Pt  65  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1050N 10645E 
VN  SIT  Saigon ITV/Phu My  Saigon ITV/Phu My  43  1-3-----  RQ  1101  1036N 10701E 
  VN  OSP  Saigon Petro Oil Terminal  Saigon Petro Oil Terminal  65  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1045N 10647E 
  VN  SOA  Soc Trang  Soc Trang  52  --34----  AI  0901  0936N 10558E 
  VN  SQH  Son La  Son La    --34----  RL  0212  2119N 10354E 
  VN  SH9  Song Han 9  Song Han 9    1-3-----  RQ  1007  1603N 10813E 
  VN  STC  Song Than Icd  Song Than Icd  57  --3--67-  RL  0901  1046N 10643E 
VN  SIP  SP-PSA International Port  SP-PSA International Port  43  1-3-----  XX  1101  1034N 10701E 
  VN  STD  Su Tu Den  Su Tu Den  40  1-------  RQ  0901  1025N 10824E 
  VN  TMK  Tamky  Tamky  27  ---4----  AI  0901  1533N 10828E 
  VN  TAA  Tan An  Tan An  41  -----6--  RQ  1001  1032N 10625E 
  VN  TCG  Tan Cang  Tan Cang  65  1-------  RQ  0407   
VN  TCT  Tan Cang - Cai Mep Terminal  Tan Cang - Cai Mep Terminal  43  1-3-----  XX  1101  1032N 10701E 
  VN  ILB  Tan Cang - Long Binh Icd  Tan Cang - Long Binh Icd  39  -23--6--  RQ  0901  1054N 10652E 
  VN  TMT  Tan Cang - Mien Trung Terminal  Tan Cang - Mien Trung Terminal  31  1-3-----  RQ  1007  1346N 10914E 
  VN  QNT  Tan Cang Qui Nhon  Tan Cang Qui Nhon    1-3-----  RQ  1007  1346N 10950E 
  VN  TCN  Tan Canh  Tan Canh  41  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1439N 10750E 
  VN  TSN  Tan Son Nhat Apt  Tan Son Nhat Apt  65  --34----  RQ  0901   
  VN  TTD  Tân Thuan Dông  Tan Thuan Dong  65  1-3-----  RL  0401  1044N 10643E 
  VN  TAM  Tanamexco Icd  Tanamexco Icd  65  1-3--67-  RQ  0901   
  VN  TNT  Tay Ninh  Tay Ninh  36  -----6--  RL  0901  1118N 10606E 
  VN  TBH  Thai Binh  Thai Binh    --3-----  RL  0105  2027N 10620E 
  VN  THA  Thai Hoa  Thai Hoa    --3-----  RL  0101   
  VN  TNG  Thái Nguyên  Thai Nguyen    -23-----  RL  0607  2133N 10552E 
  VN  TBI  Thang Binh  Thang Binh    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  THO  Thanh Hoa  Thanh Hoa    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  TNA  Thi Nai Pt  Thi Nai Pt  31  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1346N 10915E 
  VN  THD  Thu Dau Mot  Thu Dau Mot  05  1-3-----  RL  0901  1058N 10639E 
VN  ITX  Thu Dúc  Thu Duc  65  1-3--6--  RL  1101  1050N 10645E 
  VN  THU  Thuan An  Thuan An  31  1-3-----  RQ  0401  1530N 10840E 
  VN  TGG  Tien Giang  Tien Giang  46  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  DTS  Tien Sa Terminal  Tien Sa Terminal  60  1-3-----  RQ  0901  1607N 10812E 
  VN  TNC  Tong Cang  Tong Cang    --3-----  RL  0212  2254N 10608E 
  VN  TNO  Tra Noc  Tra Noc    1-3-----  RQ  1007  1006N 10542E 
  VN  TVH  Tra Vinh  Tra Vinh  51  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  TVN  Transvina Terminal  Transvina Terminal  62  1-3-----  RQ  0901  2052N 10641E 
  VN  TBB  Tuy Hoa  Tuy Hoa    1--4----  AI  9501   
  VN  TQG  Tuyen Quang  Tuyen Quang  07  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  VPH  Van Phong  Van Phong    1-------  RQ  0507  2051N 10638E 
  VN  VCH  Vat Cach  Vat Cach    1-------  RQ  1007  2053N 10636E 
  VN  VSS  Vinashin Shipyard  Vinashin Shipyard  34  1-------  RQ  0901  1229N 10917E 
¦  VN  VNH  Vinh  Vinh  22  1--4----  RL  1101  1844N 10540E 
  VN  VLO  Vinh Loi  Vinh Loi    1-------  RQ  9501   
  VN  VLG  Vinh Long  Vinh Long    1-3-----  RQ  0401  1014N 10558E 
  VN  VPC  Vinh Phuc  Vinh Phuc  70  --3-----  RQ  0901   
  VN  VYN  Vinh Yen  Vinh Yen    --3-----  RQ  0901   
VN  VCT  VTB & CN Tau Can Tho  VTB & CN Tau Can Tho    1-3-----  XX  1101  1004N 10544E 
  VN  VRO  Vung Ro  Vung Ro    1-3-----  RQ  1007  1251N 10925E 
¦  VN  VUT  Vung Tau  Vung Tau  43  1-34----  RL  1101  1021N 10704E 
VN  YBA  Yen Bai  Yen Bai  06  --3-----  RL  1101  2142N 10452E 






1. The UN approved Location codes are presented in 11 columns, with the following content (column designations between quotes):


1.1 Column "Ch"  (Change Indicator)

Every changed UN/Locode from previous issue has a change indicator in this field. The following indicators are used:


added entry


Change in the location name


entry to be removed in the next issue


entry has been changed


reference entry


US locations with duplicated IATA code, under review

1.2      Column"LOCODE"

The two first digits in "LOCODE" column indicates the country in which the place is located.   The values used concur with the  ISO 3166 alpha-2 Country Code. You can also review a complete list of countries and their code value. In cases where no ISO 3166 country code element is available, e.g. installations in international waters or international cooperation zones, the code element "XZ", available for user assignment in accordance with clause 8.1.3 of ISO 3166-1/1997, will be used.

In the next part of the "Locode" column you can find a 3-character code for the location.   The 3-character code element for the location will normally comprise three letters. However, where all permutations available for a country have been exhausted, the numerals 2-9 may also be used.

Thus, a complete UN/Locode is a combination of a 2-character country code and a 3-character location code, e.g. BEANR is known as the city of Antwerp (ANR) which is located in Belgium (BE). For ease of reading, the country and location code elements are usually separated by a space. In actual use, this space could be suppressed.

1.3      Column"Name"

Column "Name" shows the names of the locations which have been allocated a UN/ Locode. Place names are given, whenever possible, in their national language versions as expressed in the Roman alphabet using the 26 characters of the character set adopted for international trade data interchange, with diacritic signs, when practicable.  Diacritic signs may be ignored, and should not be converted into additional characters (e.g., Göteborg may be read as Goteborg, rather than Goeteborg, Gothenburg, Gotembourg, etc.), in order to facilitate reproduction in the national language. In countries with more than one national language, place names may be different in the respective languages.  In such cases, more than one name version maybe included, followed by other versions placed within brackets, e.g.:

Abo (Turku)
Turku (Abo)

As a service to users, names that have been changed may be included for reference.  Such alternative name versions are included as a transitional measure after a name change; they are followed by an equal sign (=), e.g.:

Peking = Beijing
Leningrad = St Petersburg

The code element will be shown only under the new name.

In some cases national location names are represented differently in different languages.  This may lead to misunderstandings which can cause disputes in interpretation of transport and other contracts, in documentary credits, etc.  For any such differing but widely used  name forms that are known to or reported to the UN Secretariat, reference to the preferred name version may be made, followed by an equal (=) sign, e.g.:

Flushing = Vlissingen
Munich = München

A place name may be followed, after a comma sign, by an indication of geographical or administrative significance, such as the name of an island on which the place is located, e.g. Bandung, Java; Taramajima, Okinawa.

There may be subordinate entities under a place name, e.g. different airports serving the same main location, outlying ports, freight terminals, etc.  If a separate code element has been assigned to such a location, the name of the sublocation is added after the main name, separated by a hyphen (-), e.g.

GB LHR London-Heathrow Apt

CL ULC Santiago-Los Cerrillos Apt

The sublocation name is also listed in its proper alphabetic name order place, followed by an oblique stroke (slash) (/) and the name of the main place to which it belongs, e.g.:

GB LHR Heathrow Apt/London

CL ULC Los Cerrillos Apt/Santiago

Abbreviations used in Column 4 include:


for Airport


for Island(s)


for Puerto


for Port


for Saint

1.4      Column"NameWoDiacritics"

Column "NameWoDiacritics" shows the names of the locations which have been allocated a UN/Locode without diacritic signs.

1.5 Column "SubDiv"  (Subdivision)

Column "Subdivision" is intended to contain the ISO 1-3 character alphabetic and/or numeric code for the administrative division of the country concerned (state, province, department, etc.), as included in International Standard ISO 3166-2/1998 and when deemed desirable to enhance the use of the code, or when requested by the country concerned.

The country code element is not shown in this column.  Only the latter part of the complete ISO 3166-2 code element (after the hyphen) is shown, as a qualifier to the location name.

1.6 Column "Function"

This column contains a 8-digit function classifier code for the location, where:


A value "0" in the first position specifies that the functional use of a location is not known and is to be specified.


Specifies that the location is a Port, as defined in UN/ECE Recommendation 16.


Specifies that the location is a Rail terminal.


Specifies that the location is a Road terminal.


Specifies that the location is an Airport.


Specifies that the location is a Postal exchange office.


Value reserved for multimodal functions, ICDs etc.


Value reserved for fixed transport functions (e.g. oil platform).


Specifies that the location is Border crossing.

          1.7 Column"Status"

This column is intended to indicate the status of the entry by a 2-character code, e.g. whether approved by Government, by Customs, or based on a user requirement not necessarily recognised by an authority, etc. It is also intended to show the status of checking, e.g. that function indicators are not verified.

The following codes are used at present:


Approved by competent national government agency


Approved by Customs Authority


Approved by national facilitation body


Code adopted by international organisation (IATA or ECLAC)


Approved by national standardisation body


Recognised location - Existence and representation of location name confirmed by check against nominated gazetteer or other reference work


Request from credible national sources for locations in their own country


Request under consideration


Request rejected


Original entry not verified since date indicated


Entry that will be removed from the next issue of UN/LOCODE


The column "Date" displays the last date when the location was updated/entered.


The IATA code for the location if different from location code in column LOCODE (second part of the code).


This column contains the geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude) of the location, if there is any.

In order to avoid unnecessary use of non-standard characters and space, the following standard presentation is used:

0000N 00000W 0000S 00000E

where the two last digits refer to minutes and the two or three first digits indicate the degrees.


This column can contain some general remarks regarding the UN/Locode in question. Usually it gives more information regarding the creation or change of a UN/Locode.

This description applies to UN/LOCODE Web pages presentation only. For UN/LOCODE downloadable files in MS Access, CSV or Text file formats, the column "LOCODE" is splitted in 2 columns for an easier use: Country and Code.


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